Beta Suspension Services

Beta's enduro motorcycles have gained a strong following in recent years.  After all, there's a lot to like.  They have excellent motors, handle great in twisty terrain, and offer a worthy alternative to the sea of KTMs at off-road races.

Beta has one critical flaw: they arrive from Italy with awful suspension settings.  An otherwise excellent motorcycle is crippled by poor suspension setup.  The suspension feels simultaneously squishy and harsh - the opposite of what we generally try to achieve with performance suspension.

The good news is that the Sachs suspension components are tunable, and our revalve service provides a major improvement in performance.

A Kreft Moto revalve lifts the Beta from distant second to legitimate parity with KTM in the heirarchy of european enduro bikes.


Fork & Shock Revalve

$275 fork / $275 shock + Parts and Fluid

  • A revalve is our basic suspension performance upgrade service
  • We create and install a custom valving setting optimized for your terrain, speed, riding style, height, and weight
  • Revalve includes all services provided in a rebuild


Fork & Shock Rebuild

$150 fork / $150 shock + Parts and Fluid

  • Your fork is completely disassembled, cleaned, and restored to like-new condition
  • Internal components are inspected for wear or damage
  • Wear parts, like bushings and seals, are replaced with top-quality parts
  • Refill with KYB 01M fork fluid and bleed