Cone Valve and Trax by Kreft

WP's Cone Valve fork is designed for rider's willing to pay more for the highest quality components.  The "Cone Valve" itself is nothing magical - it's simply a shimless mid-valve based on a cup and cone.  The cone is backed by a coil spring to provide the variable orifice function shims normally handle.  This design reduces turbulence and cavitation compared to a shim-controlled valve because the fluid does not encounter sharp edges or abrupt corners in the fluid flow path.

The real advantage of this fork lies in it's simple, proven design executed with the highest quality materials, tight machining tolerance, and low-friction surface finishes.  When combined with the right valving setting, these many small improvements add up to a fork that delivers high confidence and high speeds.


OEM Settings

Despite the high quality and solid design, WP's OEM setting for the Cone Valve leave many riders disappointed with their purchase.  The Cone Valve's performance ultimately depends on its setup, just like any other suspension component.  While there is no need for re-designing or replacing parts, the fork benefits tremendously from a Kreft revalve targeted for the individual rider.


Simple, but effective.


The Cone Valve fork is frequently paired with the WP Trax shock.


2017 WP Cone Valve - $3500

2017 WP Trax Shock - $2450

Kreft Moto Revalve - $275 each

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