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Choosing a suspension tuner can be tricky.  After all, it's one of the few products you don't get to try before you buy. We have posted some feedback from our customers here, but we also encourage you to conduct your own research. Internet forums used by KTM riders like, and, are a great source of independent customer reviews.

Rider: Ricky Dietrich

Location: Mountain View MX & Bend, OR

Bike: 2016 KTM 350 SX-F

Skill Level: PRO

Date of Review: October 2016

Source: In person

I have ridden 4CS in the past and always struggled with it, but Kreft's modified 4CS was an entirely new experience, like nothing I had ridden before. I was immediately comfortable and felt right at home. Kreft's 4CS fork fix is a must for any serious racer currently using 4CS suspension.

Rider: Sara Redfield

Location: Snohomish, WA

Bike: 2017 Husavarna TE 150

Skill Level: A

Date of Review: May 1, 2017

Source: by email

I've had 2 races on the suspension set up now and I am loving it!!  The first race was on the 23rd at the China Hat ISDE.  I should have taken a bit more time on Saturday to play with the settings a bit more, but overall the suspension performed great on Sunday during the race.  I felt confident hitting rocks at speed and not worrying about deflection and there was absolutely no harshness.  Both the forks and shock felt very plush and predictable and worked well in the high speed desert type terrain.

Yesterday was round 2 of the NORCS series in Washington.  It was a complete mudfest.  I set the suspension settings pretty close to your recommended A level rider for XC/harescrambles.  The suspension felt spot on throughout the course, from the chop in the woods (where there weren't mudholes) to the MX track.  I rode the MX track in February on the stock suspension and remember how it handled and it was night and day difference yesterday with your setup.  Totally plush on the landings, no harshness, and just felt really smooth.  Same with in the woods.  

I could not be happier.  You guys did a great job!  Thank you!

Rider: Mark du Plessis

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Bike: 2013 Husaberg FE350

Weight: 175

Skill Level: AA

Date of Review: April 23, 2015

Source: email


I thought id give you some feedback and a quick question.

But first… THANK YOU!

The fork is fantastic. It is brilliant at staying up in the stroke and gives a beautiful plush and linear feel. At the same time it absolutely melts away high speed impacts. I am so stoked. One of the really cool things you have right is the impressive adaptability. It handles stony / rocky hardpack well, and transitions into sand and whoops without any feeling of needing adjustment. I know how demanding that sort of requirement is and i am so impressed.


Rider: Jason LaVigne ( member "Mtslackcountry ")

Location: Missoula, MT

Bike: 2014 KTM 300 XC

Weight: 170

Skill Level: Intermediate

Date of Review: April 16, 2015

Source: post


I have about 15 hours on this setup and cant believe how sweet and balanced it is. Prior to the revalve my bike deflected horribly anytime I got in loose baseball sized rocks as well as small and medium sized roots. In 15 hours I have maybe had it deflect once or twice. Before it seemed like a hundred times each ride. The suspension feels soft and I have been able to bottom it out a few times by casing the opposite side of the ditch that I was jumping. I have not been able to bottom it during normal trail riding. I do find myself jumping things in the woods more often now because the bike seems to always be level and in control in the air which is probably due to the suspension being so balanced. Stock the bike was NOT as confident hitting jumps on the trail.

The bike seems to corner better and I am also no longer worried if there is a rock or root in a corner because the bike now just rails right thru it.

I Ride with a few A level riders and find myself keeping up with them better than in the past. I’m not sure if I’m pushing it harder and there taking it easier?? The true test will be when I do my 1st race this year.

I am way more confident on the bike and feel safer going faster now that I don’t have to react to being deflected all the time.

I have had suspension done before that was really good on another bike so I have a basis of what good suspension can do. In my opinion what Kreft is doing is superior and worth every penny. I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to do it.

*** This year I added the Twisted engineering bars and they are awesome, I rode the new suspension once without them and by adding these to the bike have made the whole setup unbelievable. I no longer get any numbness in my throttle hand and my elbows are no longer sore after a long ride. The vibration in the handlebars is basically gone.

I went back and forth all winter on who to send my suspension to, it can be difficult to sift through everyone’s marketing as well as this and other Forums tendency to hype certain things up. Everyone seems to talk up their own decision after they have spend their hard earned money. My decision came down to [another tuner] and Kreft and I just had a gut feeling that kept leading me back to Kreft. I’m sure [another tuner] would have done a great job but I’m couldn’t be happier with my setup. It is by far the best I have ever ridden.

Rider: Jake Kiliz

Location: Elma, WA

Bike: 2017 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days

Weight: 189

Skill Level: Expert

Date of Review: March 31, 2017

Source: by email 

I am not even sure how to articulate how awesome your suspension work is !! Got my first real ride in yesterday. At my house we have a very technical 4 mile practice loop with lots of big logs rocks steep hill climbs and tough man made obstacles. The second time around I knocked almost 5 minutes off my fastest time ! Absolutely amazing suspension Gentlemen I am very impressed !  A few guys in in the group that have local suspensionstook a quick rip on my bike and already want to have you guys do there's !

I am calling it my " Kreft Magic Suspension "

Rider: Greg Friedel

Location: Seattle, WA

Bike: 2016 KTM 350 XC-F

Weight: 145

Skill Level: Expert

Date of Review: November 16, 2016

Source: email

Just wanted to give you a update on my suspension.  I raced Sunday in a harescramble and just ran the settings out of the box.  It worked great!  The course was very rough and rutted. I finished 1st. I'm very happy for the first time out.  What a difference!

Rider: Russ Beguelin

Location: Oregon

Bike: 2009 KTM 300 XC

Weight: 225

Skill Level: Intermediate

Date of Review: November 3, 2016

Source: email

Dan, Adam, and John,

Thanks you for the fantastic customer service today and helping set up my sag, I really appreciate it.  I was able to get a 40 mile ride in today at McCubbins Gulch.  Conditions were great with wet soil and good traction.  Before the ride I pulled off my stabilizer so I would get a true evaluation of the suspension.  All I can say is WOW!  I am impressed.  The difference between the stock set up is night and day.  I immediately noticed how balanced the bike felt with great stability.  Initially I felt the forks were a bit harsh on hard embedded rocks, but after a few miles they seemed to loosen up a bit and were spot on.  I cannot believe how improved this bike is with this suspension.  After warming up for about 5 miles I started to push it a bit and man, this thing rewards you when you get it going.  So stable and zero deflection through to rocks and roots.  The rear never once hopped out and the balance is just incredible.  It soaks things up very well and I think I am used to undersprungand soft forks, so my initial thoughts of the forks being harsh soon went away after I realized this thing just floats over the rocks and roots.  Not only does the suspension work amazing in the rocks and roots, but the handling is flat out awesome.  No fork dive or rear hop and it just feels like its planted and always putting traction to the ground.  Feels very connected and like your riding on Velcro.

Thanks again and I am very excited and plan on thoroughly enjoying this bike with its new suspension!

Rider: Eric Floyd

Location: Seattle, WA

Bike: 2015 KTM 300 Six Days

Weight: 215

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Phone message

Hey Adam, this is Eric Floyd up in Seattle, Washington.  I just want to say thank you so, so much.  The suspension front and back is unbelievable.  It’s like a magic carpet now and I really appreciate it.


Additional Comments via post

Absolutely unbelievable. Magic Carpet now. I purposely hit everything I could in the trails yesterday. Front and Back were just outstanding! No harsh deflection. Most noticeable was a set of 4 to 6 in roots, about 6 of them, spaced about 3 feet apart. It was soooo smooth. Just eats it up, both front and back. I just laughed to my self the entire day! Thank you Adam! Very Much!


Rider: John Brunsgaard (KTMtalk member/admin “Jeb”)

Location: Arkansas

Bike: 2014 KTM 250 Six Days

Weight: 200

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk post

Finally got to really test my Kreft Moto re-valved forks and shock this last week/weekend. Had a multi-day ride at Brock Creek, AR. That place has some high quality, challenging single track. VERY rocky, very hilly, lots of off camber, lots of logs, ledge rocks and big roots on many of the climbs. In other words, the stuff I love to ride the most! Really works you, and almost never lets up. Extremely scenic, too.Anyway, the suspension performed flawlessly. As I said in my first report on it, the plushness I loved in my stock Six Days 4CS’s was still there for all of the smaller stuff, which is a very good thing. But I could really notice a difference on the bigger hits. As I got more confident in it over the ride, I was going much faster through rock garden sections, and the bike stayed plush and planted with no deflection. Really amazing. Where I mostly notice the shock difference is bigger log hits and bigger rock hits. Much plusher at the end of the stroke. And it keeps the bike up in the stroke more, so cornering is better and more consistent.I was for sure able to push harder longer with this new setup. That was very noticeable, and is a huge gain for me. There’s one long section there (6.5 miles) with no intersections, so I just go for it and tell the others I’ll see them at the end. Lots of rocks and logs. Normally, about 4 miles in, I start to feel it and my pace comes down a notch. But not now. I ran that trail 4 times and just pounded it every time. That’s worth the price of admission to me. Figure it has to be easier on the body, too. Ran it two times with a 20 year old that is a top 10 national enduro 250A rider. Very nice guy. First time, he was with me the whole way, so I let him lead from about half way. Figured I was slowing him down, and he’d be gone. But I kept right on him for the rest of the trail. 2nd time, I was able to pull some gap from him and get away. That felt kind of good!


I did pay more attention to air buildup this time, too. The suspension feel stayed the same the whole time. Not like the stock forks which needed bleeding frequently to stay at their best. But I did check a couple of times with the bleeders, and a little bit of air did come out. But not as much as the old forks, and it made no difference one way or the other as to the feel of the forks on the trails. So that’s another very nice gain from the Kreft setup.

Huge thumbs up to Kreft Moto. Job well done!

Rider: Dan Jennings

Location: Omaha, NE

Bike: 2013 KTM 300 XC-W

Weight: 230

Skill Level: Intermediate

Date of Review: April 10, 2015

Source: by email  


Hi Adam,

Just wanted to give you an update - 

I am definitely riding more aggressively, with more confidence than ever. Whatever you did to the shock made a huge difference. My bike tracks great, and climbs incredibly well. Its not packing at all, and the rebound works phenomenal. Its staying on top of the stroke when I need it too – ruts, climbs, roots, logs, etc. You know how much I liked the TRAX shock, and this is damn close!!!

Rider: Philip Glazatov ( member "gphillip"

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Phoenix, Arizona

Bike: 2015 Husqvarna TC250

Weight: 200

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: post “4CS Fork Motocross Revalve Success Story – KREFT MOTO (LONG!)”

Greetings! I would like to say hi to all the new KTM owners who race motocross and are frustrated with their WP 4CS forks. I have new hope for you. Below is a story of an outstanding transformation of a 4CS fork from the one that sucked into the one that won races.

I am a happy owner of a 2015 Husky TC 250. I bought the last October. Everything was wonderful (aside from the low shifter lever, short and high brake pedal, and a choky airbox, which were all easy fixes). But I could not live with the stock 4CS fork. The fork was horrible. It was extremely harsh, not moving much over small and medium bumps. When I fully backed out the compression clicker, then it was still harsh but started bottoming out after jumps. I was afraid to overjump or underjump anything because even when I landed some medium and larger jumps absolutely perfectly the fork would still bottom out. It was even bottoming out on G-outs and some braking bumps. My wrists were hurting all the time and I was afraid that one unlucky day they could snap.

The bike felt ridiculously unbalanced. Rarely was I able to jump straight. On short jumps I was usually jumping nose up, like Ronnie Mac, and could not do much about it. Sometimes I would overcompensate and land nose down. Horrible!

I knew that was not normal. I rode Showa and KYB forks before, stock and revalved, and I can tell a good fork from a bad one. I rode all 2015 Yamahas with their awesome KYB SSS suspension, and that became my new benchmark of suspension performance. I do not care what MXA says, that the 4CS is much better than all the earlier KTM forks, or whatever. I do not care! The stock 4CS fork is not acceptable, period. Lowering the oil level 10mm does NOTHING to reduce harshness. The fork will start bottoming on every bump before harshness will ever be reduced. I know that reducing the oil level by 20-40mm can be felt, but the first and by far the biggest effect will be a lot more bottoming, and only a slight reduction in the mid-stroke harshness.

I only rode my brand new bike for 1/2 a practice. Then gave it to a franchise suspension Tuner P-A (name not revealed to protect the innocent). He claimed that his recently developed special valves would make it work just like all the other forks that he successfully revalved. Well… $650 dollars later… the fork was about the same. The clickers were working, the traction was slightly better, but it was the same choice between a non-moving harsh fork and the constant bottoming. The rear shock started bottoming too. His response was that perhaps I was not used to the bike yet and that I should just keep riding.

I started doing my research. Turns out that no motocross bike ever came with the 4CS forks prior to 2015. The usual motocross tuners know nothing about these 4CS forks, they have no experience, and are most likely still trying different solutions and scratching their heads in frustration. I confirmed that by calling [another tuner], and they admitted that they were still working on them. Most others are still working and testing with varying success, and may even come up with some solutions eventually. The trouble for me was that I was going to go to Arizona this winter and ride there, and I needed a working fork ASAP.

I found here on KTMtalk that the usual go-to guys are [another tuner]. I had some experience with them 15 years ago, and at that time I thought the improvement in performance was not what I thought it should have been, especially compared to what I paid. I kept looking.

Then I found all the rave reviews about KREFT Moto. Adam Krefting was personally seen here on these forums, and lots of happy Enduro customers were praising his work and customer service to no end. I haven’t found any reviews of his work from MX customers, and Adam himself is an Enduro rider, but I got a sense that he has not just the experience but also the technical knowledge and the attitude such that he would keep working until the revalve is successful and his customer is happy. A written promise on his website confirmed that. Additionally, one of his tech videos revealed an ongoing working relation with [another tuner]. The combination of all of the above sealed the deal for me. I decided to take a plunge.

I opted for new KREFT Mid-Valves, adjustable Base Valves, Huck valve bottoming cones, a diamond fork leg finish, and custom springs. I send my forks and two weeks later I received them back, bolted them on, and went for a first practice. By then it was already later November, which in Michigan is cold.

The suspension was immediately a HUGE improvement over what it was. The bike was plush, balanced, had a good traction, it was jumping straight, and it was hammering and skimming the tops of the whoops like I have never experienced before! Unfortunately the fork was still bottoming after jumps a little.

After talking to Adam on the phone and via email, we first wanted to try the things that I could do easily myself, like trying different clicker settings and adding oil. I proceeded to load the bike and drive it to Arizona. But there, with warmer ambient temperatures, the fork felt even softer. It became clear that it need another revalve.

Adam offered to pay for all the round-trip shipping of the fork. But I didn’t want to lose 2 weeks of riding. Additionally, being a geeky engineer myself, I was eager to learn the technology, and how to tune the suspension for different tracks with more than just the external clickers. I offered to revalve the suspension myself, and asked Adam to supply me with parts and instructions.

This turned out to be a wise choice. Over the following month Adam and I revalved my suspension multiple times. Some iterations were small, some were large, but I am glad to report that every single iteration was better than the one before it. Adam held my hand every step of the way.

I bought and read the Race Tech Suspension Bible, WP service manuals, watched technical videos, and did a lot of general thinking, and of course practical work and track testing. This experience has taught me more about the motorcycle fork design and tuning than I wanted to know.

I talked to suspension tuners all over USA and the world. I even tried some of their parts, like custom valves made by Tuner S, who claims to be the 4CS expert, only to send them back for a refund because those parts had no effect.

Adam and I worked out a great solution that involved replacing or modifying all the valves and all the shims. We worked on and solved problems with ride and traction over small chop, mid-stroke stiffness and damping, high-speed compression and bottoming after jumps, oil levels, steering stability, rebound damping in different situations, etc. Nothing was left untouched, or unexplored, or untested.

The fork turned out amazing. I am a 40+ B-level 200 lbs motocross racer, and my fork works perfectly for me. But we also discovered softer and stiffer combinations for faster/heavier and slower/lighter riders. I kept meticulous tuning notes, and Adam was making recommendations based on my observations and experiences.

The result was two race wins in my first two races on this bike. The first was a hare scramble class win back in December, the kind of racing that I have never tried before, and the second was a motocross race win. At the hare scramble I didn’t see anyone behind me when I finished. In the enduro-cross section I was launching and jumping from the huge tires to the spectators’ amusement, which I saw racers do on TV, but apparently nobody else did it at my race, LOL.

At the motocross race last weekend I won both motos. I out-jumped and out-cornered the competition. The turnout was small, but the racing was still good and clean. I can now say that the suspension is not holding me back anymore, and I can finally start working on myself and my riding techniques.

I am going to post a cell phone video now, and perhaps a helmet cam video and a video camera video in ~2 weeks. Enjoy!

Many thanks to Adam Krefting of KREFT Moto. Please send all of your suspension business his way!

Rider: member "LRM"

Location: Ridgecrest, CA

Bike: 2015 KTM 350 Six Days

Date: January 10, 2015


“Adam did my 4CS forks and shock, I'm so glad I listened to melk-man. He turned me on to Adam Kreft and I've never had a better set of suspension!

I had the full set up done and it was worth every penny. I can ride MX, GP Dez and Enduro just by changing the settings.” –LRM

Rider: Don Psencik

Location: Raleigh, NC

Bike: 2013 KTM 250XC

Weight: 170

Skill Level: Beginner

Source: by email

Well, I’ve had some time to ride on the suspension you did for me. I have a 2013 KTM 250 XC that I race in the VCHSS series. With the stock suspension, it worked pretty well if I was pushing it hard on a smooth course. However, the rougher it got, the more the bike would deflect and dance around which caused the rear tire to lose traction. It also transmitted all of that roughness to the rider, which caused fatigue.

Now, since you worked your magic on it, I can push it harder than ever before and when the trail gets rough and rooted up I can glide over it without feeling everything and it is much more stable. I raced the Sumter Enduro and the suspension was flawless. Can’t wait to try it out in our east coast hare-scramble series. The hilly off-camber filled courses used to give me trouble, but I think I now have the answer for that. Thanks again for the great job!

Also, other racers were coming up to me at Sumter and asking how I liked the suspension, so there is genuine interest in your product. I told them it was awesome and recommended using your service.

Don Psencik

Rider: Mark Crotts (KTMtalk member “MarkandDonna”)

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Bike: 2014 KTM 300XC

Weight: 205

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Email

Adam, Got out today to test my suspension and I’m amazed. Eats trail junk and big rocks and firms up so well on the big hits without being harsh. I didn’t think that was possible. May need to add 1 click more rebound on the shock but that’s a maybe. I gotta learn how to ride the bike all over again! Conditions today sucked at best. Hasn’t rained for 116 days so it was a suspension testing mecca. I should of crashed 10 times today as slick as it is but she just HOOKED up everywhere. Thanks again, I wrote you up a small review on KTMTALK under Kreft 4cs review. Mark Crotts

Additional Comments via KTMtalk Post

Hope you guys don’t mind if I throw my review also. My 300 XC was killing me. Couldn’t get the spike out of the mid stroke. It was killing my hands and shoulders, even had to have a cortizone shot in my hand because I couldn’t hang on anymore. I had the bike to my tuner a couple times and we just couldn’t get it working to my satisfaction. Called Adam and told him my problems he assured me he could fix it. I was fairly happy with my rear shock but thought it could be better so I sent it in also. Had the full treatment done also, micro polish etc. I was able to get the bike out today and do some testing on our rocky, slick, rutty desert single track. Hasn’t rained in 116 days here, so dry is an understatement. First thing I noticed is the dirt road to the trail head is completely washboarded and before I would feel every ripple through my Flex Bars. Today it felt like I was on pavement. The bike is now super planted and settles in the corners and holds it’s line. Before it always wanted to push the front end even with the forks on the second line in the clamps and running 28mm static sag and 100mm rider. I was purposely aiming for rocks to hit and the forks and shock ate them up. It still takes the big whoops just as well as it did before. No deflection, it was amazing. My hands and shoulders feel great and the bike handled like I actually had traction when I knew there was none. I had 55 hrs on the bike and was really fed up and was ready to let it go. Kreft saved me. I almost have to learn how to ride the bike all over again, it’s that different. If you have the 4cs on your bike do yourself a favor and do what I did. Don’t skimp, it will be the best investment you’ll make for your bike.

Rider: Bill Capshew

Location: Bloomington, IN

Bikes: 2013 KTM 250 XC-W

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Email

Date: November 24, 2014

Hey Adam, i just wanted to touch base with you about my ride.

It poured down rain Sunday and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to tell much about your work.

I can honestly say I am stunned at the improvement. I felt like a superhero!

I want to get some more time on it but I am stoked just the way it is.

I did go to the blue elastomers on the handlebars. Great call! They felt awesome too.

My expectations were exceeded! Thank you and talk to you soon, Bill.

Rider: George Patacek

Location: Sekiu, Washington

Bikes: 2006 KTM 250 SX

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Email

My suspension is superior! I dropped the triple clamps down a smidge and reluctantly went one more turn tighter on the sag. the bike is balanced finally!!!! Never since I’ve owned the bike 06 has it felt balanced.

raced the vet 40+ class motocross at opmc and finished a strong 5th- held top spot for half the track!! my suspension is really good and I could tell I had an edge when it got rough. plus I was the only two stroke in a sea of 450’s.

this weekend we are racing two 45 minute gp motos at straddleline- this is exactly my style of venue so Im hoping better results.

its been since 2007 since I raced moto and my suspension gave me the confidence to get back out there with all these fast old dudes. there were a few over 50 that could fly.

thanks for your work man!


Riders: Christ Maestas and Christa Gehlhaar

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Bikes: Two 2014 KTM 250 XC’s

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Email

First off we would like to say is KREFT has hands down the best Customer Service/Support ever!

I had reconstructive surgery on my left ankle/leg barely a year ago… And after completing some epic rides in places like Cloud Croft, NM- Sergeants/Taylor Park CO (including Horse Shoe)- Zars Ranch and Hidden Falls Adventure Park, TX is WOW!

While having the luxury of being smooth and virtually float over objects like rocks, roots and logs of all sizes, sand, river crossings and gnarly hills. This suspension holds up in the stroke while maintaining extremely smooth action. There’s no funk to sharp corners and technical riding even in sand. What’s Arm-pump!? Lol! We found ourselves being able to choose better lines with ease, we can officially say this suspension has made us into more confident, better and faster riders.

Bottom line – Best money ever spent! Do yourself a favor and let Adam do his thing you will NOT regret it… Literally took the pain out of riding and made it fun again!

Rider: Alan Wormuth

Location: Houston, TX

Bike: 2013 KTM 450 XC-F

Weight: 170

Skill Level: Intermediate

Date of Review: May 13, 2015

Source: email


I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I have only had a couple of chances to ride since you reworked the suspension for me and I am extremely impressed with the quality of work and even more so with the fact that I bolted it on and it was exactly the feel that I was looking for. Great job!!!

I have only had a chance to ride moto so far but after a minor adjustment to the front fork rebound feel that I have it pretty close to where it needs to be on track…. Just need to find the time and a window without rain to ride in the woods again.

Looking forward to meeting someday and possibly getting a chance to pick your brain more on bike set up. I recommend your services to all KTM owners.  

Rider: Bob Campbell (KTMtalk member “BobC1”)

Location: Acton, California

Bike: 2011 250 SX

Weight: 200

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: KTMtalk Post

To make a long story short, I had Adam Krefting redo my ’11 250 SX suspension with all of his tricks, i.e., microfinish, top out spring, etc. and I really like it. I’m an old guy who rides 80% rocky technical stuff but occasionally rides form faster desert also. Previously I had [another tuner} do all of my son’s and my suspensions but [he] moved. [That tuner's] work was good but I like Adam’s better. I would equate it with developing an accurate load for a target rifle. You usually make giant steps initially then each thing you do from there on makes slight improvements. Adam is also very easy to deal with and will explain his work if you are interested.

Just my $.02. Bob

Additional Comments: We rode some faster, rocky, whooped out stuff (Kennedy Meadow area) for a couple of days last week and I really like Adam’s setup. It would be too soft for a fast guy in serious desert whoops, etc., but I could ride as fast as I wanted to without bottoming and it ate up the rocky trail trash stuff. My nephew rode my bike and had to agree. It feels very plush and planted but works great for faster stuff, also. He also has an ’11 250 SX with [another tuner's] suspension and it works good…but we do believe that Adam’s setup is better. The rear end does not “kick up” as much as [the other tuner's] and seems to stay on the ground more. No, I am not Adam’s long lost step brother assigned the task of promoting his suspension setups. I do believe that he deserves some consideration for a job well done, though.

Thanks, Adam.

Rider: Kelly Anderson (KTMtalk member “Quicker”)

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bike: 2012 250 XC

Weight: 225

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

My application is different than most on this thread. I have a 2012 XC 250 and had recently purchased some used TTX inserts from the classifieds. The ad said that they had been revalved for woods and just serviced. I installed them with the correct fork oil and height from the directions. I really wanted to like these things. I played with the clickers and the fork height on numerous rides and just couldn’t find a happy place. After discussing the issues with Adam on the phone I sent them down for a revalve. I also had the micro polishing and new seals and bushings installed. (The fork legs have 100 hours on them) I had a chance to ride the bike this week with the new forks and it was very impressive. I found myself taking lines that I have never taken before and looking for anything to hit or jump off. The bike worked so well that I didnt even try to adjust the clickers. The bottom line is that I have had this bike for almost 3 years and it has never worked this well Previously I had a set of CC forks that Javier had revalved and a set of CC forks that a local shop had revalved twice on the bike. Adam was easy to work with and I would not hesitate to send work to him again if I ever need it. We also had an in depth talk about tire choice and how to set the bike up.


Rider: KTMtalk member “ltr450e”)

Location: Litchfield Park Arizona

Bike: 2014 Husqvarna TE300

Source: KTMtalk Post

I had Adam do the full works on both the fork and shock on my 2014 TE300 Husky. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. It meant selling a spare bike to finance it but I’m so glad I did.

After four hours at a B pace my only deviation from his recommended settings were 1 in on the fork rebound adjusters and setting the top of the fork tubes flush as opposed to 2.5mm above.

Not only is the fork exponentially better than the two attempts by FC, so is the shock. Kreft’s package really is a “system”. I would be leery of only doing the fork.       

Rider: Jim Conley (KTMtalk member “380Freak”)

Location: Manteca, California

Bike: 2014 KTM 380cc custom build

Weight: 210

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

Well just had my 4CS completed by Kreft Moto. Took the 380 out for a ride today with them. Had them revalved and sprung for my weight and woods riding. Wow what a difference these things are way better then the closed and open chambers I ran in the past. I rode today in super dry dusty like sand dessert terrain the front tire sticks like glue and the front end just eats up all the trail trash and no deflection off rock or anything. I did not expect it to be this good it is handling awesome and I found myself pushing it faster.

For those of you that don’t know I have a 380 in a new chassis 300 and now the re worked 2014 4cs forks it is a nice off road package now.

Rider: Brad Denning (KTMtalk member “Bdl507”)

Location: Nelson, New Hampshire

Bike: KTM 2014 300 XC

Weight: 200 lbs, 6’2”

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: KTMtalk Post

I had Adam at Kreft Moto revalve with custom mid valve and do the micro finish to my 2014 300 xc suspension. The customer service was great fast replies to emails he also takes notes when you talk to him and still had them when I called him back a month later to set up the work. It’s not common to get great service like this. Most importantly my suspension is now amazing I had little time on it stock but enough to know the forks felt like they were going to break my arms and deflected like crazy. My forks now make it so you can’t feel the small stuff at all and soak up the fast square edge hits. Best of all no deflection at all it is point and click it goes where I point it at all times. The rear end is also impressive it soaks up everything and tracks very straight. I have never had so much traction it feels like the back tire never leaves the ground. The more I twist the throttle the better it goes it has given me the most confidence I have ever had in a bike I own. It has definitely improved my riding and was worth every penny. I would suggest Kreft Moto to anyone that wants to get the most out of their bike.

Rider: Chuck Harvey ( member “BCRacer”)

Location: Boulder City, Nevada

Bike: KTM 2014 300 XC

Skill Level: 45+ Expert, MRAN Desert Series

Source: KTMtalk Post

Just had my suspension done on my 2014 300 XC by Adam Kreft[ing]. Here is my review:

When I first rode the bike after putting the suspension back on, it exceeded all of my expectations. It turned better, it soaked up rocks and square-edge bumps, the front end no longer deflected, and it also worked great in the fast whoops.

Today I got to race it for the first time with the new suspension. I race the AMA MRAN desert series here in Southern Nevada as a 45+ Expert. This particular race had a mix of everything: fast sand washes with rocks scattered everywhere, old jeep roads with rocks, solid rock washes, single track through pine trees and a few fast whooped-out sections. Prior to this, my best finish was a top 10 and normally I place in the lower top 20. Today’s race went great! The bike worked really well everywhere. I don’t mean to boast, but I ended up first in my class, first Vet, and 5th overall. All this and I didn’t push the bike as hard as I normally do, nor was I physically as worn out as I used to be. I’m very happy and would highly recommend Kreft Moto.

Rider: Eric Scarborough (KTMtalk member “Conbread”)

Location: Kannapolis, North Carolina

Bike: KTM 2014 250 XC 4CS

Weight: 175-180 lbs

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post


We’ll we all know the problems on the 2014 ktm250xc 4cs fork. I had been talking to Adam about my forks and what all he could do to fix the way they handled (or didn’t handle)… So I sent them in and had the full treatment done, springs, valves, microfinish, seals and bushings..

I got them back last week (killer 3 day turn around time)…so he had me install them on the first line, and he set them up with 4.2 springs, 3 port valve and 90mm fork oil height.. Compression at 20clicks and rebound at 16.

My test place was a super hard compound, with tons of rocks, rain ruts, pot holes, roots, and all sorts of kickers and small jumps. These forks ate everything I threw at them, I had some 4th and 5th gear wide open runs across a lot of this stuff and I didn’t have one single complaint.. The forks are so plush and nice that it made me much more confident while riding this bike. No more stupid fast head shake or tank slap, no more sore wrist and shoulders, and it even took away my arm pump and hand cramps…

I also noticed how much better the bike would turn and stay in the tight ruts with out poping out.. I only bottomed out one time and that was on a big G out ditch crossing… But I know a click or so on the comp could fix that.

I told Adam that I still run some motocross to train, and I still wanted to be able to do that. We’ll this is the fork he built me and I couldn’t be any happier with what he did.. To any of you guys thinking about having him do yours, I can tell ya it’s well worth it in so many ways.. the man is very good at what he does, and will have you back riding in no time..

Rider: Keith Serpa (KTMtalk member “SERPEXC”)

Location: Carson City, Nevada

Bike: 2014 KTM 250 XC

Weight: 205

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

I’ve been riding my Kreft reworked 14 250 XC 3-4 times per week for a while now. I am still surprised and overjoyed when I come up to a gnarly rock section carrying too much speed, expecting it to deflect or take a bad bounce only to glide right thru. Definitely confidence inspiring. I’m looking forward to next month. NHAH and a notoriously gnarly Enduro back to back weekends!

Rider: Mike Voegele

Date: April 19, 2014

Location: Nampa, Idaho

Bike: 300 XC

Weight: 215

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Email

Hi Adam-

Got a chance to take my bike out to the desert last evening. Wow, what a difference! I couldn’t believe how smooth it was on the little choppy stuff. I intentionally went to some real rocky sections and hit square edge stuff, just to see how it would react, it was smooth with very little feedback through the bars. It really felt great on the high speed whoops and in fact it seemed like the faster I went the smoother it was. I didn’t touch the clickers on either end and in fact, need to make sure that the sag is correct, but I was also impressed with the shock, which in the past seemed to have a harsh edge to it when I hit a square edge very fast.

When I was riding it the last time, I was thinking that it felt like my Honda 450 on the high speed, plush, predictable, without the harshness of the 450. Hard to describe, but stable like a 450, except it was on my XC 300. Great job! Thank-you!!!!

Rider: Mike Gonnerman (KTMtalk member “Weldit”)

Location: Muscatine, Iowa

Bike: 2013 300 XC

Weight: 190

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

I also had Adam go over both forks and shock on my 300XC but I had them done before the midwest’s “long” winter hit so I had to wait to ride them in the conditions he set them up for. Forks are the best forks I have ever used just bolted on and went, the shock was very good but still had some room for improvement but after a couple of emails from Adam (which he replied that day I sent ) and a few minor adjustments on the sag and high speed compression it works just as good as the forks. The turning and traction is so much improved over the stock KTM suspension it is like riding a different bike.

I have had [names of other tuners redacted] revalves before but as long as Kreft is there that is where my suspension is going!   His customer service and taking time to talk to you before doing the work is first rate.

Rider: Rob Andrae (KTMtalk member “ONTILT”)

Location: Pine Grove, California

Bike: 2013 300 XC-W

Weight: 190

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

Well over that last few years I have had 3 different suspension guys do their “magic” on various bikes I owned.

This time around when I decided to have my 2013 300 xcw done I was very gun shy. I researched and talked with Adam Krefting along with 2 other tuners. Right off Adam was available to talk and spent the time to ask and answer questions. He was very patient and took his time. About a month went by before I got the time to commit. He remembered me and had notes from our prior conversation.

Well I had him do all the bells and whistles on the forks and shock. I was reluctant to spring for the micro polishing of the forks, wasn’t convinced it would make a “noticeable” difference. So before I sent the forks I paid close attention to the amount of effort it took to push them down individually and their feel and action.

I got it all back yesterday. I checked the forks before installing them to compare the action to before polish feel. WOW. I was amazed. Even with slightly stiffer springs they are like greased ice on ice. Absolutely no sticktion and buttery smooth. Definitely worth doing.

Installed and went for a very brief ride. Right off I immediately noticed a difference. Very smooth and floated over stuff I would have felt before. I also noticed no rear wheel braking chatter and the bike felt “connected” to the ground especially the rear wheel. Definitely a difference. I have never ever had a suspension job have this much of an immediate noticeable different feel. I am riding weekend and will report back.

Rider: Bill Cobb (KTMtalk member “Tech51”)

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Bike: 2008 KTM 300 XC-W with 2011 model closed cartridge fork

Weight: 290

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Link 

I don’t know guys about this Adam and his suspension. I mean it’s like the whoops, log crossings, hill climbs and tracking is spot on. I mean is that what we really want??

This s**t rocks!!!!

Thanks Adam I have never had this nice of suspension ever.

Rider: Rich Zwierzchowski

Location: Grand Junction, Colorado

Bike: 2012 KTM 300 XC-W

Weight: 200

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: YouTube Link

Got my suspension done by Adam, best money I have ever spent on a bike. 2012 KTM 300 xc-w.

Rider: Franco Ramos (KTMtalk member “fljar”)

Location: Denver, Colorado

Bike: 2013 Husaberg TE300

Weight: 180

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: KTMtalk Post

Just got my suspension back from Adam Krefting (owner of Kreft Moto) for my ’13 TE300. Fantastic work and A+ personalized service! Had a chance to test at an enduro this past weekend — no more bottoming out of the forks without losing the plush. Still rides on rails through the corners.

Some context: We did some riding back in fall 2012 in Durango with another friend/guide whose 300XCW had Kreft-tuned suspension. After riding his bike my buddies were smitten with the suspension. One of them later had Kreft revalve his setup and couldn’t say enough about the service and expertise.

Fast forward to this year — I took the plunge and sold my 450 to get a 2013 TE300. Absolutely LOVED the suspension stock, but at 30 hrs it was bottoming out (a lot). Sent it off to Adam and he worked his magic (within my tight deadline). Best part was his consistent communication (via phone and text) several times in that week to keep me updated and help me understand options. Real professional.

Contact him directly, and you’ll see what I mean about personalized service.

-Franco Ramos, Denver CO

Rider: Mike McCallum

Location: Durango, CO

Bike: 2013 KTM 450 XC-F

Weight: 180

Skill Level: Expert

Date of Review: February 21, 2015

Source: by email  

I have just returned from a baja trip were I put nearly 700 miles on my bike in 4 days. All single track and double track with some pavement miles into towns at the end of the day. I sent my suspension into Kreftmoto before the trip for a tune up and Adam upgraded the 2 year old suspension with his newer setup. All I can say is WOW! I didn’t feel a harsh hit all week. I had added a 5gal tank to the bike for the trip and expected to bottom out the bike from time to time. I never did. We rode anything from high speed beach cruises to slow speed rocky single track with ledges. The suspension performed flawlessly and my confidence grew. I can’t imagine anything performing better. Thanks Adam

Rider: Neel Bhagat

Location: Goshen, Indiana

Bike: 2012 KTM 150 XC

Weight: 154

Skill Level: Intermediate

Date of Review: April 12, 2015

Source: by email  


Hello Adam,

My son and I rode for two days this weekend at Mathews, IN, at Rich Lafferty's riding school. The suspension work you did on my son's (Neel's) bike, a 2012 150XC, worked perfectly. It was set as per your specs and he did not have to change even one single click! 

He is very (very) picky and sensitive about his suspension and he used to complain a lot about how jarring his forks were [previous suspension tuner's name censored]. Needless to say, both of us are thoroughly impressed and thankful for your skill and expertise!

Just wanted to let you know! 

Have a great weekend


Dicky Bhagat, M.D.

Rider: Ken Smith (KTMtalk handle: kismith38)

Location: Buford, GA

Bike: 2015 KTM 350 SX-F

Weight: 185

Skill Level: Intermediate

Date of Review: March 15, 2015

Source: post  

[Edited for punctuation]

Ok here what all you mx people wanted.  I had mine done with Kreft fork and shock revalve and huck valve.  I had them set it up for a vet b/c rider doing mostly outdoor mx tracks. Rode my 2015 350 SX-F for first time since revalve; the harshness is gone, no bottoming off jumps, smooth and plush on chop and breaking bumps.  It's as good if not better than my [another tuner] stuff on my Honda. Had a couple of ex-pro riders ride it to really test suspension out.  They love it.  Never bottomed out.  I cried at the price but all of my old body parts are very happy.  Adam is the best i would not hesitate to send him my stuff again.  I recommend him to everyone with these pos 4cs forks.  Hope this has helped my MX friends.

Rider: Paul Van Horsen  ( handle: Vanh)

Location: Scotts Valley, CA

Bike: 2014 KTM 300XC

Weight: 175

Skill Level: Expert

Date of Review: November 10, 2014

Source: post  

“Adam did my 4cs forks and they are incredible. No deflection, soaks up the small stuff and great on big jump landings.” –Vanh

Rider: Alejandro Nannini

Location: South America

Bike: 2014 Husaberg FE350

Weight: 182

Skill Level: Expert

Date of Review: May 8, 2015

Source: by email  

Hi Adam I just got back from my first ride with your kit, I'm amazed is absolutely perfect!! Congrats you are a genius, I really enjoyed for the first time the ride in my husaberg, it took only minutes to find the perfect balance, today I rode in very technical trails and I found the perfect settings, I'll keep you up to date, thanks, Alejandro

Rider: Carl Carbon (KTMtalk member “111”)

Location: Moses Lake, Washington 

Bike: 2013 450 XC-W

Weight: 182

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: KTMtalk Post

I just rode on my new Kreft suspension. It’s great! I was having trouble coming to terms with the handling aspect of my 2013 450 XCW. Nice, comfortable stock suspension but I could not make it turn and have stability at the same time.

[Adam] did the full treatment front and rear and now it’s a turning machine. On par with my 2010 250XC. The valving feels stiffer when pushing on it in the garage but it rides great. Very stable now with minimal diving under hard braking. Yet it is even more plush than stock. I didn’t think an OC fork could be this stable. I stays up in the stroke without a hint of harshness.

Added the top out spring in the shock. This helped the rear end from feeling high. The shock acts a lot more like a linkage shock now. Calm and stable, no more pitching back and forth in a turn.

I highly recommend Kreft’s services.

Additional Comments via email:


I love the new suspension! Made a whole new bike out of it. It’s stable in the sand yet turns great. The rear bottoms in the higher speed sand whoops but I can deal with that. It will be great for the woods. Way plusher but more importantly it handles properly.

I’m at the recommended sag of 115mm seated and 112 standing. The top out spring changes static so it’s at 40mm. Stock spring. I like how the rear stays lower too. The forks are set so the cap is just above the clamps. Can’t see the first line, it’s covered by the clamp.

Thanks for getting the handling where it needs to be. I was having trouble believing KTM would come out with a bike that handled worse than my 2010. Now it turns and tracks like it should.

Thank you!

Rider: Erick Cardenas

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Bike: 2013 Husaberg FE250

Weight: 154

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Kreft Moto Facebook page

Dear Adam,

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for the great job done to my FE250 ´13. I wasn´t impressed with the 4CS forks right out of the box, and they didnt give me the confidence required to race the bike. Now I can even try new and more challenging stuff knowing my bike and suspension have my back. When I chose Kreft Moto, I liked a lot the fact that besides you being a racer, it showed you had done extensive research and testing on 4CS suspension. I also liked the fact that I could talk and discuss my handling issues and doubts with you personally. Your turnaround time is best to none, and I had no real downtime. Your service by appointment idea is great for all of us which are not near to your headquarters. In my case, after revalving forks and shock, the bike changed immediately. It no longer bottomed out, it felt firm at high speeds but didn’t lose its plushness on the tight, rocky, steep, super slow terrain. After feeling so confortable on it on the hard enduro/endurocross kinds of obstacles, I was a bit worried how it would handle on fast (desert-like) soft sandy whoops, only to learn I could ride over them faster and safer than ever. Kreft Moto suspension is letting me get better on the bike and I am enjoying it more than ever. And after an ankle injury (on a trials bike), my Kreft suspension is helping me get my confidence back pretty quick. It is also great to see you keep developing and testing these WP suspensions. I can’t wait to try out your new products! You have great ideas and knowledge, a great crew and a product and service of which everybody can benefit, starting from the recreational rider/weekend warrior, to the most aggresive serious racer.

Thanks a lot! P.D. Maybe some day we can bring you down to Mexico! It could be fun!! Erick Cardenas

Rider: Greg Melka ( member "melk-man")

Location: Tampa, Florida

Bike: 2014 KTM 350 XC-F

Weight: 165

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

Kreftmoto.Fork and shock complete rebuild. wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy y better..

No more harsh mid stroke hit. I mean, it’s gone. It’s actually plush. Deceptively so in fact. With zero stiction any longer, the forks are moving right away. It was so plush initially it took a few minutes to get used to in fact. Not so plush there is no FEEL though, no sir.

Rode nearly 2 hours today about as hard as could. Made a few changes here and there, but went back to the settings Adam suggested. Backing the high speed comp off gives some additional plushness on the nasty rooty sections when you attack em at a good pace. (and I now have a low speed adjuster on the bottom of the leg). I may try 1 click stiffer on the low speed, just to keep the front up a little more.

The bike is steering in a bit quick with the less sag setting (had 115mm now at 105). Even with the eaton E-axle moving the front axle back 2mm , steering is a tad fast. I am going to go with a change on the fastway link back to where i had it (drops the rear slightly but keeps shock length same, not like increasing sag). gonna talk with Adam about this and see what he suggests, but may do the enduro this weekend first to get more seat time with this new setup so i can give more feedback.

Hit a few things pretty hard (but no jumps), and still have about 1″ of travel left (zip tie). However i have a much softer setup than before, so clearly the huck valve mod (that controls the bottoming better) is working with the way less oil, and softer valving.

overall.. very significant improvement, but not cheap. I would say if you are spending $8000+ on a ktm with 4cs forks, you would be silly to “waste” $250 on a revalve only. That just will NOT get it done, and you won’t be happy. Spend more, and the bike works way better.

Rider: Jacek Drovek

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Bike: 2014 KTM 250 XC-W w/4CS Fork

Weight: 195

Skill Level: Beginner

Date of Review: June 10, 2015

Source: Link

I just got my suspension from Adam and after five hours of riding, all I can say is “amazing”. I never was this fast on a bike and so confident on any train. Even my friends are complementing on improvement in my riding.
I was worried if it will be all I hoped for but now I can say this was right decision and money well spent.

Adam thank you very much Great Job.


Rider: Mark Gering

Location: Olathe, Kansas

Bike: 2014 KTM 350 XC-F

Weight: 200

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Posted on the Kreft Moto Facebook page

Hi Adam, You recently did my forks and they are outstanding. i finally got a chance to ride in a mixture of ruts, roots, rocks, and fast hard pack. The front end just sticks to whatever you throw at it. Nice work. Thanks Adam, you do incredible work. Made my 350 xcf actually fun to ride in rough stuff without wondering what the front end was going to do. Deflection is gone!

Rider: John Mittendorf

Location: Medford, Oregon

Bike: 2013 KTM 250 EXC-F

Weight: 160

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Email

Even though we have had numerous fire restrictions – which closes our riding areas – I have finally had the chance to try out your suspension modifications to my 2013 KTM 250 EXC-F. Interestingly, Southern Oregon is one of the best riding areas in that we have a multitude of various areas that range from narrow single track, rocks, tree roots, to fast open areas similar to GNCC events. However, we do not have motocross tracks, just miles of forest areas. Now to the good stuff!

Originally, the stock suspension (with the PDS shock) was OK but not very compliant in the rocks, tree roots, etc. I had another “name” company redo the suspension which helped somewhat but the rock/root compliance was still not there (not even close). After talking with you, I decided to “go for the gusto” and had you install all of your recommendations – including the micro finishing for the forks and shock.

After riding the bike with your modifications it was immediately apparent this was the suspension I had been looking for. In particular, the compliance over roots and rocks is unbelievable as there is no deflection and the sharp feedback – common with rocks – is gone. The best way to describe the suspension is smooth and balanced which is the common comment made by my friends who have ridden the bike. Of particular interest is your video on the seal friction demonstration as it is not rocket science when your microfinishing process significantly reduces seal friction that translates into much smoother fork-shock action. As a side note, I carry a screwdriver and quite often make compression-rebound changes to note the effects. Currently, I am still running your settings, so you were right on with them.

In concert with the suspension modifications, I particularly liked the ability to talk with you numerous times on the phone and your obvious professionalism, so many thanks for a job well done. I sincerely wish I had you do the suspension sooner!

Rider: Jon Bernard

Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Bike: 2013 Husaberg FE 350

Weight: 172

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Email

Hi Adam,

Rode a little bit with my wife on Saturday, but it was almost all very slow on dirt roads (brand new rider on an XT 250).   Got in a better ride in on Sunday at Alcalde in Espanola.

It was a group ride and I spend most of my time riding and not a ton of time messing with the clickers (especially on the shock).  Still need to do fine tuning.  Main adjustment so far is increasing rebound damping a bit.  I did set the sag at 115 before the ride.

Overall, it feels much nicer than stock.  More planted and controlled over whoops, square edged bumps.  Much less deflection.  Felt a lot more plush on rocky stuff and firmer on bigger stuff.  Felt more controlled into faster tighter corners as well.

Out of town this weekend, but will do more fine tuning over the next few rides. I don’t consider myself altogether very good at setting up a suspension and will get some friends to provide feedback as well.  So far, so good though!


Rider: Mike Herndon (KTMtalk member “wera917”)

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Bike: 2013 250 XCF

Weight: 215

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

Suspension is so subjective; everyone has a different idea on what is “good.”

Flame suit on- for my last few bikes, 08 300 xc and 13 300xc my go to was [another tuner]. Tried other tuners but for whatever reason [that tuner's] stuff just worked for me and they always did exactly what they said they would do, no issues. Even still, I decided this time to try a different set up for my new to me 13 250xcf.

I weigh the same as one of my racing buds that has three ktms- 2013 450xcf (stock suspension sprung correct), 2014 350xc/ 4cs forks (Kreft suspension), 2010 300xc [another tuner], then there’s my bikes- 2009 200xc (forks I tuned myself, shock is [another tuner]) and my 13 250xcf (local tuner).

We tested them all over the lasts few weeks, swapping out forks and shocks when we could swapping springs to make sure the rates were consistent, riding the same 1.0 mile zig sagging log infested busted out hacked up root infested rutted braking and acceleration bumped test loop over and over again. Guess what- all of them worked well!!! But I liked Adam’s stuff the best. It floats over the nasty trail hack but is still controlled, no drama AND… the bike still handled well, very important. What does that mean in the world of suspension?? NOTHING honestly, it doesn’t mean jack squat!!…. it just told me I like the way XYZ tuner (in this case Kreft) does their set up for the stuff I ride.

Yeah sure it’s not apples to apples, linkage, non linkage, this and that but there’s enough info there to get a feel for the suspension in my opinion.

Again, it’s all subjective I like my bikes to feel “dead” so to speak. Some of the guys I ride with can’t stand my set up because to them they cannot feel what the bike is doing. Everyone is different.

So, through testing I made the decision to send my 13 250xcf suspension to Adam today, we’ll see how it goes.


Rider: Chris Davis (KTMtalk member “CDavis”)

Location: Austin, Texas

Bike: 2003 200 EXC

Weight: 165

Skill Level: Beginner

Source: KTMtalk Post

Another happy Kreft customer here. If you’re on the fence about suspension work, just do it and get back to enjoying riding instead of questioning your bike.

I bought a new to me 2003 200exc a few months back and have been loving it more every time I ride it…and fix it’s age related character. I read on this forum quite a bit about suspension improvements for this bike and decided a newer set of forks would be a better starting point than dealing with the very neglected 3 bushing forks the bike was equipped with. After a couple rides with a set of 07 250xcf forks fitted, I was about ready to give up on it, but I decided to drop the money I saved from buying an “old” bike and get proper suspension.

Adam is local to me, came highly recommended and has a very informative website, plus a ton of KTM experience. After a few e-mails and phone calls I dropped off my forks and shock at his very clean and well organized work shop. There was a special rack built just for forks “in waiting”. After a discussion to find out my wants and needs we finalized a plan for new bushings, seals, springs, mid-float valve, cross hatch finish and compression valving, along with a re-valve. On the shock, a re-valve, rebuild and travel limiter rounded out the service list. I dropped off the parts Monday and noticed he had a very full week. I mentioned I would love to ride on Sunday and he said he’d try and make it happen. Well by 6pm on Saturday I had given up and found a loaner bike, but luckily I wouldn’t need it. Adam went the extra mile and made sure my suspension was completed. He called me Saturday evening about 7pm saying it was done and I was welcome to pick it up at his house! Talk about customer service! I excitedly drove across town, picked them up and installed my new suspension to ride the next day.

My first impressions of riding were a bit confusing. I could tell the forks were far more plush than they had ever been. As I continued to ride I kept turning in far too soon and was not accelerating coming out of turns. What I later realized is I now had to ride my bike the way I’m supposed to, instead of what I had been doing. I can now trust my suspension completely. When I turn, the front end sticks, instead of pushing. When I accelerate, the rear hooks, instead of packing. On steep climbs, the rear doesn’t pack, the front-end doesn’t bounce wildly off of tree roots and rocks, it just goes. And on down hills I don’t even feel them. The really unexpected part was on hard braking. Were I would need to modulate the front brake because the front end now sticks much better AND the rear doesn’t kick like it used to (I didn’t even realize it was doing this, until it wasn’t anymore…) the rear just feels more planted on braking.

I’m certainly not the faster rider (mid C pack) but I now know that my suspension is fully capable of much more than I am, and that confidence will translate to (and already has) to much more fun on the trail, along with decreased times at my next hare scramble.

Rider: Matt Krawczynski

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Bike: 2014 KTM 200XC custom build

Weight: 165

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Email

Hey Adam,

First off thanks and great job!

I took the bike out this weekend to our club property at Zars Ranch. The conditions were identical to last week when I road, previous to you working on the suspenders.  Hard slippery dusty rough braking hack to deep sand with whoops.  Nothing changed on the bike but the suspension work.  I am still thinking or reliving the ride all week. The bike was smooth, balanced and controlled, with no weird front wheel wobble midstroke anomaly as before.  The action and control of the 4CS forks after your work is fabulous.  They now round off anything square  in the trail ,after that the midstroke really plays a big part in controlling the front from small to big hits is amazing.  The rear shock complements and makes the seat feel new, but really keeps the bike stuck to the ground.  The best part is how well the bike tracks and sticks to the ground.

The week before the bike was slipping hopping skidding through corners, braking bumps would rattle your teeth!

With the Kreftyness added to the suspension, same rider same trails same conditions, the bike sticks, stays balanced front to rear in and through the corners like never before, floats over the braking bumps.  I rode twice as much Sunday than I normally do, my joints thank you.

Your suspension work makes me feel like I am cheating!

Thanks Again


Rider: Chris Walker (KTMtalk member “CHRIS2.0”)

Location: Ignacio, Colorado

Bike: 2011 200 XC-W, 2012 50 SX

Weight: 145

Skill Level: Beginner

Source: KTMtalk Post

Adam is just very good at what he does. He has a passion for the work he has chosen. He did my ’11 200xc-w and fixed my sons ’12 50 SX. I’m a fairly new rider and for those of us who are vertically challenged (like me). This is the only way to go, and the only guy to go to. I see posts all the time on lowering bikes, mostly short, light guys like myself but fixed up by a pro made the bike soooooo much more fun, and my skill has also improved. As the mini forks have little adjustment, no clickers or such. I cannot believe how much better my boys forks are! Anyway, I’ve had great luck working with Adam, not many places you go for service where the guy doing the work is there for more than a paycheck.

My $.02

Additional Comments via Email:

I should have done this very first thing. So let me say that Adam Krefting is a “dirt bike genius”. After the first 30 min ride on my local trail, I learned what I had been missing out on.

A short list of improvements: The bike felt lighter: what I mean by that is that the bike, front and back, actually responded to what I asked in a very kind way and right now. I had become used to pushing hard with feet and arms, and learned the limits of this and what the bike and I could do. I was always totally exhausted even after the shortest ride, I assumed it was my poor conditioning as I am not real active outside of riding right now. But my fatigue was due the fact that the bike was beating me to death.

Front wheel tracking: I had grown used to the harshness, I figured that this is how dirt bikes are for a light weight person. Again, I could not have been more wrong. The front wheel stays on the ground, to grip and steer, before it was harsh, stiff and jumpy, hard steering and banged and bounced off bumps and sharp edges, roots and rocks. Now the front tire seems glued to the ground. Some of the bumps I used to jump over are now just rolled over smoothly, with grip having a light front tire as it leaves preparing for that next rut to land in. The full travel allowed by Krefting’s precision work allows the front tire to do what I was missing. I am able to take lines that I was able to see before but could not get the bike steered there before. The tire turns quick without any over steering. We have rocky trails here and the front tire now leaves me with the confidence that I can ride that next section without worry the front tire will roll or deflect poorly off all those rocks. Over the rocks and roots the tire will now go where I want it to without worry. The rear shock: mine was blown out, for a few months prior to having it fixed. Now it tracks on the ground and really puts the power down to the ground for traction allowing control and more felt speed and power. No trick parts that go bling to your friends, so they will never see you coming, only you leaving them eating dust. HAHA

I never moved a clicker or cranked on a spring to try to fix my riding, with the poor way I started my setup I don’t think it would have made much difference anyway. All of the above review was just how I received my suspension back from the work, now I can get it dialed in to make it prefect and learn how to dial it for the terrain of the day. Getting Krefting to work over your suspension is a must if you ride orange. My oldest son just received a new 2012 KTM 50SX, and the forks seemed stiff to me so I was considering doing something about it when I ran into a deal to trade my youngest into a 2009 KTM 50SX mini. After the trade in seeing the difference in how much better the old bikes suspension was I put a call into Krefting right away.(totally different forks but my thinking was they should act about the same) He ordered up parts and fixed my son up, I haven’t picked up the stuff yet, but I am confident the work will make my boy a better, faster rider. I haven’t picked it up because it was all ready far sooner that I had planned. So not only is the work top notch, it was a quick turnaround to boot. Where and when does this happen to you?

Overall, Adam Krefting is someone you must know if you ride orange. He is professional, knowledgeable, quick on work and loves what he does. Look no further if you ride orange, we have found THE guy to make us better and most importantly, faster riders. Quick update as it took a while to put this together. My sons and I raced last weekend. It was brutal for me and a good challenge for them. The work Krefting did to my oldest sons bike has helped his riding and his confidence a whole bunch. The bike absorbs more of the riding surface for him, he has become much faster as a result. As for myself, I have wanted to race for a while, and I would have NEVER finished with my old suspension. It is still new to me just over a month and 10 hrs or so later. I am convinced that suspension is the key to speed, and that’s what we all want, not only for ourselves but to see our little ones riding so well. So get that suspension sent to Krefting for a look, right away!

Rider: Stephen Froncek

Location: Dunmore, Pennsylvania

Bike: 2014 KTM 150 XC

Weight: 165

Skill Level: Beginner

Source: KTMtalk Post

Adam did pure magic to my 2014 ktm 150xc 4cs forks no more jolting, harshness or deflection in north east Pennsylvania rocks and roots hare scrambles. Got the shock done too new springs for the forks the whole works and the bill came $1200 but it was so worth it.

Rider: Keith Serpa (KTMtalk member “SERPEXC”)

Location: Carson City, Nevada

Bike: 2013 450 XC-F

Weight: 205

Skill Level: Expert

Source: KTMtalk Post

I’ve had them back for a while now, but we had been racing motocross for the last few weekends and I didn’t have time to install and test. I finally got them installed and took them for a ride yesterday. I really like the overall character of the suspension. It felt similar to stock initially, which isn’t a bad thing. It does not blow thru the travel, which is usually one of my biggest complaints. After riding it for a bit, I can tell you that the fork is plusher than stock in the rocks, hack, etc. It does not deflect and resists bottoming better than stock. I am pretty darn happy with them, without even turning a clicker. The shock has similar characteristics. Very resistant to bottoming, works great in the whoops without hitting the bump stop and feeling it in the foot pegs like before. Its a little stiffer than the fork, so i am going out again this morning. I will be backing off the high speed compression a little bit and increasing the rebound slightly. Also going to use the cool new X-trig preload device to experiment with my sag for turning. I was impressed with Adam’s attention to detail, and the fact that he really listened to what I wanted from my suspension. In my experience, most tuners don’t really get that part. They just put you into their cookie cutter valving based on weight and ability, which usually doesn’t work for me. We ride probably some of the most diverse terrain available in the same ride. 40 mph whoops one minute, then first gear rocky gnar the next, then throw in some imbedded rocks on an 80 mph two track. Its hard to tune for that. I’m glad Adam took the time understand the terrain we ride. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Additional Comments:

“I think I’ve found a good overall setting for the majority of my riding. I typically don’t mess with my clickers, once they are set, unless we are heading to the motocross track or something. The forks have been the cat’s meow without any clicker adjustments, right out of the box from Adam. Definitely plusher than the stock XCF, but not wallowy, mushy or prone to bottoming. I thought the shock was really good too, but like stock, it still transmitted some trail junk through the seat when not standing. I messed around with the compression and rebound and ended up about 1/2 to 3/4 or a turn out on the high speed compression and back at the baseline settings on C&R, might go back and put back in a couple clicks more rebound control. Overall I’m very happy with Adam’s work. I would have to rate it as much better than any suspension work I’ve had done since Javier did my 505 XCF in 2008. Still paying with little things, just to see if I can make this big 450 carve like the previous 350. I’m at 110mm sag and the forks set at the second line.”

Rider: Carey Ohl (KTMtalk member “Carey”)

Location: Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Bike: 2013 Husaberg TE300

Weight: 205

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: KTMtalk Post

I finally had a chance to give my Kreft suspension a real work-out. I really like it.

I can’t give a good comparison to stock because I bought my 2013 Husaberg TE300 used. The PO swapped out the 4CS forks for CC forks, and had both ends revalved by one his sponsors. The PO of my bike is a multi time national enduro champ and I’m sure the bike worked well for him. The rear was way too stiff for me, even after respringing. I felt the forks were fine, but in the rear, I had both LS and HS compression at minimum and it was harsh in all situations.

I called Adam and explained my harshness dilemma and the typical kicking on square edged hits with the PDS system. He assured me he could help. What I liked about dealing with Adam was he does the work personally by appointment. I’ve read were some shops have many techs doing the suspension, and sometimes people get the B team doing their work. No so with Adam. I sent my shock and he returned it in the time frame, as promised. With an appointment, the turn around is 1-2 days.

We’ve had a lot of rain the past few weeks, so the trail I rode today had a lot of washed out rocks and debris. The ride was single track ranging from slow first gear to fast paced 3rd and 4th gear. What I noticed immediately was how well the rear wheel kept contact with the ground always giving traction. It was also plusher than anything I’ve ridden to date.

On one fast climb, second and third gear almost a mile long, there were ruts, baby head rocks, shoe box size rocks, rock ledges, and a few logs. The type of climb where if you choose the wrong line and lose momentum, you’re cooked. I was grinning when I got to the top. On several occasions I hit some ledges or other obstacles at a speed, where in the past, I would have cringed. Today the obstacles were a non-issue. My speed was controlled solely by how much I turned my right wrist.

Although, I’m in the AARP class of riders, I have been riding for a long time. I have my moments of speed, but don’t have the fitness to maintain a race pace for long periods of time.

In the past, I’ve tried [other tuners names redacted] to revalve my suspension. All of these companies improved my bike, but I’m definitely happiest with my Kreft suspension.

Rider: Dan Jenning

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Bike: 2013 KTM 300XC

Weight: 230

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Email


Put about 2 hours on the bike today… finally! What a difference!! The front end was pushing a bit so I rechecked my sag, added a turn, and it was spot on. The bike holds a line sooooo well. We were hitting stacked corners at full speed with braking and accelaration bumps on both sides. I have never felt this planted on my bike! Doug and I both said this – Since I am no expert on suspension, I don’t know where to go with it from here. I don’t think I can make it any better by changing the damping, and even if I thought I could, I wouldn’t know which way to go. We hit everything – small hills, compressions, small whoops, plenty of single track, 3rd/4th gear sections, logs, ruts…

All I can say is wow!!! And I can officially say how really bad WP suspension is…

Thank you again for the work!

Rider: John Menze

Location: Orange, Connecticut       

Bike: 2009 KTM 300 XC-W

Weight: 160

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Email


Hi Adam,

I stayed up late after work and got everything back together the night I received my suspension back from you. Excellent packing job by the way!

Anyway, with no other adjustments and 112mm rider sag w/o gear I put my helmet and gloves on and did some laps on my backyard test track the next morning before work. Hardly a thorough 1st test- but I know how the bike reacts to every dip, jump, berm, and sharp rock on this course. It’s actually quite a useful thing to have in my backyard.

The bike at first didn’t seem that plush, but then I realized it just wasn’t wallowing around with a lot of fore and aft unsettling movement. The rear wheel especially was staying on the ground better after the sharp edge hits. Both ends were more planted. It was way easier to tip into a low speed pivot turn and there is a 2nd gear berm and a 3rd gear berm on the track that the bike feels like it is on rails going through them now. Before there were minute adjustments mid- corner I would always have to make to get it to track cleanly through. It was always hit or miss in these berms – and now it’s effortless and without thought – which to me is a very impressive change in handling.

Thanks again for all your efforts and listening to what I was trying to achieve. I can’t wait to get the bike out on a longer ride.


Rider: Craig Ayers (KTMtalk member “High_Side 16″)

Location: Livermore, California

Bike: 2014 KTM 300XC

Weight: 185

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Link

Kreft Moto Review (4CS Forks)

I will start off by saying that I have no affiliation with Kreft Moto whatsoever. I just wanted to provide the members of this group an honest opinion of my experience in working with Adam.

Before I sent my components off to Kreft, I did plenty of research in speaking with some much respected industry people to determine who had spent the most energy in developing the new 4CS forks. I also spoke with some of the other suspension companies as well, including [names of other tuners redacted] to name few. After a few conversations, it was clear that Adam had done his homework with the new forks. He explained to me how he performs all of his own testing and also provided references from some existing customers. After speaking with his references, my decision was made.

I was having some of the same issues as others have expressed in this forum, in that the 4CS forks were pretty good out of the box, but as they broke-in the defection issues were very apparent. I listened to Adam’s recommendation and in the end, went with his suggestions for both fork and shock spring rates, valving and settings.

Once I received my components back, I mounted them up, set the sag and I was off to do some testing of my own. The terrain that I ride in NorCal can be anything from tight single track to fast flowing whoops to technical areas with rocks, roots and ruts.

Right out of the gate, the bike felt like it was the most balanced bike I had ever owned. A few miles into the trail I started making some minor adjustments to better suite my riding style and decided to really put it to the test. It handled everything I could throw at it, rock gardens and all. I am happy to say, no more deflection. The bike turns even better than it had previously and tracks perfectly.

I now have a total of 4 rides at approximately 40-65 miles each on the newly worked suspension and I couldn’t be happier. After the first couple of rides, I spoke with Adam to address only minor adjustments, mostly because I believe that I’m riding faster and with more confidence. I have to say that it’s probably the best handling bike I have ever owned.

Rider: Jim Simpson

Location: Wildwood, Missouri

Bike: 2011 KTM 300XC

Weight: 180

Skill Level: Expert

Source: Email

Hey Adam,

Finally got to ride with the new suspension…awesome!! Great job!!



Rider: Don Miller

Location: Hewitt, Texas

Bike: 2014 KTM 300 XC

Weight: 155

Skill Level: Intermediate

Source: Email


Set sag and tested today.  Extremely happy with set-up.  Bike is much softer/compliant on the small stuff/hack and absorbs the larger hits very well.  Also doesn’t deflect on rocks/roots/etc.  Bike also steers much better (no oversteer/understeer), so it’s basically just point and shoot.  I will highly recommend you to folks.  Thanks.

Don Miller