Suspension Dynamometer


Kreft Moto utilizes a MTS Roehrig EMA-2K suspension dyno.  This machine has become a huge asset to our development program, and we are lucky to have it.  Only a few shops in the country have access to this type of testing equipment.

The dynamometer cycles suspension through it's travel and measures the resistance created by the damper.  Our dyno is a top-of-the-line electromagnetically actuated type, which means it is capable of the extremely rapid accelerations we see in the real world of off-road riding.  The machine can be programmed to create the speed and stroke length we wish - up to 4.1 meters per second.

The data is most often viewed as a plot showing force vs. velocity, but a huge range of tools are available.  Testing out on the track or trail is critically important, of course, but our efforts in the field go much further with the aid of this piece of equipment.