Huck Valve

For WP Closed Cartridge Fork
$500 + required accessories

Our friends at MX-Tech developed the speed-sensitive bottoming control valve, a.k.a. “Huck Valve.”  This device replaces the stock bottoming control circuit with a much larger, more effective, and more tunable form of bottoming control.  The obvious benefit is reduced bottoming – but perhaps the more important advantage to the Huck Valve is that it allows us to use softer valving settings and very low fluid volumes in the fork’s outer chamber.  This provides additional plushness in the top 3/4 of the stroke.  The Huck Valve “catches” the fork as it approaches bottoming with a damping force appropriate for the speed of the impact.

Installing Huck Valves in the WP Closed Cartridge fork requires short-length fork springs ($110) and spring perch spacers ($50).