Microfinished fork tube

Microfinished fork tube


Fork $150

Shock $50

  • Reduces seal friction by 66% compared to OEM
  • More effective at reducing seal drag than DLC coat
  • 75% less expensive than DLC coat
  • Reduces heat and improves seal life
  • Reduces the risk of seal failure
  • Does not attract dust; no detectable oil on tubes
  • Does not cause contamination of suspension fluid

Explanation of Technology

Microfinishing is a proprietary process designed to reduce seal friction reduction modification available for chrome plated fork tubes and shock shafts.  Its purpose is to provide a continuous source of lubrication to the sealing surface while the suspension components are in motion.

Even high quality seals become sticky or notchy feeling after assembly lubrication wears away.  Although the fork is filled with oil, it is contained behind the first lip of the oil seal and cannot adequately lubricate the sealing surface. Therefore, the seal lubrication depends almost entirely on the lubrication applied during assembly.  Once that lubrication wears away, the dry rubber seals stick tenaciously to the fork tubes - like windshield wipers on a hot day.  This added friction ruins the supple feel of your suspension, and damages both the seals and the fork tubes. 

Microfinishing is a surface treatment, not a coating like "DLC" or Kashima Coat.  The process has two steps: first, a crosshatch pattern of fine grooves is imparted into the chrome surface; second, the tube is polished using sequentially finer abrasives.  The result is an ultra-smooth surface laced with oil migration pathways.

Dyno test results

  • OEM WP fork: 40-60 Newtons
  • WP Cone Valve fork with DLC coating: 27-29 Newtons
  • WP fork with Kreft Microfinish: 16-18 Newtons

Microfinishing Demo