Top-out Control 2.0


Top-out Control 2.0


What is it?
A custom conical spring and bumper designed by Kreft to snap into the OEM seal heads in KTM and Husabergs with link-less PDS shock absorbers. The spring controls top-out motion without the need for overly stiff rebound settings, which helps keep the chassis level and the wheel on the ground.

What does it do?

PDS shock absorbers extend to full travel (top-out) too rapidly at the end of the stroke, particularly during braking or when riding downhill.  Riders describe this trait as the rear end of the bike “jacking up,” or as a sensation the rear suspension has excess movement. This top-out motion causes a rapid, destabilizing weight shift onto the front wheel, often at the exact moment the rider is preparing to initiate a turn. This behavior is largely responsible for the understeer, “knifing” of the front wheel, and poor line tracking exhibited by PDS chassis bikes.  

Some tuners use very aggressive rebound damping to control the shock top-out motion.  This approach has significant unwanted side effects – packing, harshness, and poor traction and ground adhesion.  

Kreft Moto’s Top-out Control 2.0 is a negative spring that controls top-out motion without introducing the performance issues associated with excessive rebound damping.  This modification helps keep the chassis level and the wheels more evenly weighted, which improves cornering and braking performance.  It also works well in whoops by preventing the rear wheel from springing uncontrollably off the top of the whoops.

Installation requires disassembling the shock. We recommend you send the shock absorber in to Kreft Moto for a service and vacuum bleed to accompany the seal head mod. Experienced home mechanics and tuners can install the kit with no special tools.

Installation Instructions

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