Impact Control for WP Open Cartridge

The Kreft Impact Control System provides a smooth, supple hydraulic cushion at the end of the fork stroke.  It creates minimal damping resistance at low suspension speeds, so the rider is able to use full travel, but ramps up exponentially when bottoming is imminent.

Utilizing a high quality bottoming control system allows us the freedom to tune for optimal ride feel and maximum plushness, and let the travel-dependent bottoming system catch you on the big hits.

Precision machined from 7075 T-6 Aircraft aluminum and anodized for abrasion resistance.



Dynomometer analysis: Kreft vs OEM

OEM Open Cartridge Bottoming Control System

706 N peak bottoming resistance at 3.5 m/s impact velocity


Kreft Open Cartridge Bottoming Control System

1,562 N peak bottoming resistance at 3.5 m/s impact velocity


More about dyno testing bottoming control systems:

Beyond the simple difference in bottoming resistance, take note of the profile of the dyno traces.  The OEM fork produces a steep jump in force as the bottoming cone engages.  This feels abrupt to the rider.  In contrast, the Kreft dyno trace exhibits a smooth and linear force increase, like a smooth ramp.  This profile translates to a "whoosh" instead of a "bam" when the bottoming cone engages.


Video of our EMA-2K suspension dynomometer in action