PowerDial Installation

1. To prevent oil overflow, lay the bike on its LEFT SIDE (drive train facing the ground).




2. Unthread the 2 bolts on the power valve adjuster housing and remove the adjuster mechanism.


3. Thread the gold spring guide out of the adjuster housing.

4. Your PowerDial spring guide comes with a new o-ring installed.  Lubricate it with grease.



5. Thread the PowerDial shaft into the adjuster housing.  If necessary, hold the part in a vice fitted with soft jaws.


6. Hold the D-shaped flap in position and insert the clevis pin through both components.


7. Lock the e-rings onto the clevis pin grooves.


8. Position the PowerDial shaft inside the power valve springs and screw the housing back onto the engine case using light torque (5 Nm / 3.7 lb-ft).