PowerDial Installation

1. To prevent oil overflow, lay the bike on its LEFT SIDE (drive train facing the ground).




2. Un-thread the 2 bolts on the power valve adjuster housing and remove the adjuster mechanism.



3. The stock setting can vary by displacement and model year, we suggest you check stock setting as follows:  Place the gold spring guide in a soft jaw vice.  Turn the adjuster housing by hand in the clockwise direction and count the number of turns until it bottoms out.  This is your stock setting. (Note: Our 2017 KTM 300 XC-W was set at about 1.5 turns)

4. Thread the gold spring guide out of the adjuster housing.


5. Your PowerDial spring guide comes with a new o-ring installed.  Lubricate it with grease.



6. Thread the PowerDial shaft into the adjuster housing.  If necessary, hold the part in a vice fitted with soft jaws.


7. Position the PowerDial shaft inside the power valve springs and screw the housing back onto the engine case using light torque (5 Nm / 3.7 lb-ft).


8. Install the PowerDial "tag" with the supplied threaded pin.


9. As a starting point, set the PowerDial to the stock position as described in step 3.