WP Pro Components by Kreft

What are Pro Components?

WP's Pro Components line is aftermarket suspension designed for riders who want the highest quality components and are willing to pay a premium.

Pro Components are manufactured to tight tolerances using high quality materials, fine surface finishes, and low-friction coatings. These improvements reduce friction compared to OEM suspension components, and is perhaps their most significant advantage. In fact, to achieve a similar feeling of stiffness to OEM suspension, all Pro Components required much stiffer damping. The additional “stiffness” in the OEM components is due to the additional friction. Friction is perhaps the one thing in suspension where no compromise is involved: less friction is always better. When setup appropriately for the rider, Pro Components can deliver high confidence at high speeds.

XACT PRO - Newest Generation Cone Valve Fork

The XACT PRO fork is the successor to WP’s well-regarded Cone Valve fork. It retains the same Cone Valve technology, which is simply a shimless mid-valve. The cup-in-cone valve is actuated via a coil spring, providing the variable orifice function shims normally handle. The Cone Valve spring rate is linear, unlike shims which are progressive. Also unlike shims, it does not have a maximum safe deflection distance. The Cone Valve can be setup stiffer and with less float than a shimmed valve without ruining rider comfort. The XACT PRO is available in two basic variants:

  • XACT PRO 7548 - Closed Cartridge with Coils Springs

  • XACT PRO 7448 - Closed Cartridge with Air Spring


The XACT PRO SUPERTRAX shock features an updated version of the Trax mechanism used in previous Pro Component shocks. Trax reduces rebound damping when the rear wheel is off the ground, helping the tire get back to traction as quickly as possible. Unique features:

  • Externally adjustable Trax mechanism - infinitely easier to use and understand than previous generation.

  • High-end construction - dramatic reduction in friction compared to OEM components.

  • Nitrogen bladder instead of a piston separator — this has advantages (lower friction) and disadvantages (requires more frequent service) compared to WP’s traditional piston separator setup.

  • Separate high-speed and low-speed compression adjusters - instead of a concentric dual compression control (DCC) found on OEM shocks.

  • Rebound separator valve, which isolates compression and rebound adjustments, and increases low speed compression damping at the mid-valve (which can aid in pressure balance).


Like any suspension hardware, Pro Components depend entirely on setup. The best parts in the world can’t make a poor or mismatched setting perform well. Think of it as hardware and software, where suspension components are the hardware, and the valving, springs, and air gap are the software. One can’t work without the other. Kreft Moto is experienced with WP’s range of recommended setups, as well as customized versions based on our own testing. Our experience enables us to make the most of your Pro Components purchase.

Dyno Verificaiton

Kreft Moto puts every WP Pro Component through our dyno verification process. The dyno allows us to compare your specific components to a known baseline, and adjust your setting as needed to match a target outcome precisely. This additional quality control step ensures we deliver the absolute best possible Pro Component suspension.



WP XACT PRO / XPLOR PRO Fork (new generation) - $3499

WP XACT PRO / XPLOR PRO SUPERTRAX Shock (new generation) - $2249

WP Cone Valve Fork (previous generation black fork) - $3299

WP TRAX shock (previous generation black and red) - $2199

Pro Components to fit most KTM and Husqvarna models are IN STOCK

Revalve: $275 each (labor) + $225 each (dyno verification and fine tuning)

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