Stock XPlor Shock

Kreft Moto has identified the following performance issues with the stock XPlor shock:

  • Poorly balanced with the XPlor front suspension
  • Lacks compliance on square-edged obstacles
  • Overactive top-out behavior is reminiscent of previous PDS shock designs, creating a "kick" on rollers and whoops, and exaggerating fork dive
  • Bouncy character exacerbates chassis fore-aft stability
  • Smaller 46mm shock body has reduced fluid volume, making it vulnerable to overheating and fade

Want more info?  Watch our video review of the stock XPlor suspension.

Video review of the stock Xplor suspension

Video review of the stock Xplor suspension


Our Solution

Despite the XPlor shock's limitations, we consider it a solid platform for development.  Certainly it is a stronger starting point than the stock XPlor fork. We were able to successfully address each problem area without the need for a major design revision (as was required for the XPlor fork).  Our XPlor shock setup includes the following modifications:

  • Designed to be paired with the Kreft XPlor Revalve Control fork
  • Dished main piston creates a solid platform for aggressive riding
  • Reduced high speed compression for square-edge bump compliance
  • Rebound damping curve designed to control top-out motion without causing packing
  • High viscosity-index shock fluid for heat stability



XPlor Shock Services Pricing



$275 + Parts and Fluid

  • Custom valving setting optimized for your terrain, speed, riding style, height, and weight
  • Designed for use with the Kreft Xplor Revalve Control fork
  • Includes all services provided in a rebuild


Optional Performance Upgrades

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